Free Training Conference 2/27/2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016   The Delaware County Firemen’s Association Of The State Of Pennsylvania

Incorporated 1906 • Instituted  1911


 Education Made Simple 2016



You're Invited To Join Delaware County Firemen’s Association  For This

1-Day Free Conference For Emergency Service Professionals.



Saturday, February 27, 2016


Location:  Neumann University

1 Neumann Drive, Aston, PA 19014


8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Doors open at 7:15 am. Please plan to arrive by 7:45 am  -  Breakfast and Lunch will be provided


To Register Click Link: https://www.Delcoestc.Org/Index.Php/Courses/Course-Registration?Cid=1          Or 

 Go to:             https://www.delcoestc.org/

Click on "courses

Look at far left hand side column and select top one "emergency courses"

page down to bottom of page to registration section called "online registration",

look for "course and start date" ; hit down arrow to view selections and go to 4th line item down "Delaware County Firemen's Assoc. Educational Conference 2016-02-27

 Complete Registration Form at the bottom of the page.

Authorized by is a required field : Just enter you name because this is a free event!


Conference Sessions:


Reputation Management Journalism & Social Media - Megan Silvertrim

Building Construction, Fire Dynamics - Dan Kerrigan

LODD (Line Of Duty Death) - Matt Biffen

CSI On The Fire Grounds -  Dennis Sharpe

Workers Compensation  & Cancer Presumption  - Mike Dryden/Don  Konkle



For Details Contact : Fran Bradley: 610-485-8983 Or Fab5419@Aol.Com



New report on firefighter fatalities in the United States

Wednesday, November 25, 2015   New report on firefighter fatalities in the United States11/25/2015 10:40 AM EST


Firefighter Fatalities in the United States in 2014 analyzes the circumstances surrounding 91 on-duty fatalities to identify approaches that could reduce the number of firefighter deaths in future years. This free report is available for download at www.usfa.fema.gov/data/statistics/ff_fatality_reports.html



Law Enforcement and High Visibility PPE

Wednesday, November 25, 2015   Law Enforcement and High Visibility PPE 
There is a new module on The ResponderSafety Learning Network for our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement! Brought to you by the United States Department of Justice.

Studies have clearly demonstrated that high visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) significantly improves the visibility of emergency responders working on the roadways. Law enforcement operations on the road are inherently hazardous situations - operating on the roadway is one of the most dangerous law enforcement duties. However, anecdotal evidence, visual observation, and scientific studies have shown that many law enforcement officers do not consistently, or ever, wear a high visibility traffic safety vest or other apparel. Objections to wearing the vest include poor fit, interference with utility belt and weapon access, doubts about effectiveness, and concern about becoming a more visible target for violent criminals.

This program summarizes the federal regulations with regard to high visibility safety apparel, examines the objections of law enforcement officers to wearing this apparel, presents facts that address these objections, and details a set of solutions to address officers' objections and improve compliance with federal regulations, state regulations, and local policies.

To see the new module, click here!

We also hope that you will share this email with your peers and friends in law enforcement in hopes that they will take this free training. Our goal is to help all First Responders to do their difficult job with less risk.

The Respondersafety Learning Network team.  




Saturday, September 26, 2015  Subject: Chester Fire Department

Good afternoon!


Fire Commissioner James L. Johnson has  retired. The new Fire Commissioner for the Chester Fire Department is Travis  E. Thomas.  Commissioner Thomas email is TThomas@chestercity.com.  He can be reached at 610-447-7765 ext 103.


Should you have any questions feel free to call the office.





Cynthia Scarboro

Administrative Assistant

Chester Fire Department






Excellent Video On How to Operate a Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association

Monday, September 7, 2015  The link below takes you to the Pa Auditor General's Office web site for an excellent video on how to properly run a relief association.




Chief Concerns: Live THE PROMISE in your community

Tuesday, September 1, 2015  From PFESI!

Don Konkle Executive Director

 Chief Concerns: Live THE PROMISE in your community




Your community probably expects a lot from you. Frankly, your community deserves a lot from you. Public safety officials must always remember that there is a valid expectation of public trust. The Fire and EMS departments are no different than police departments. You see people during their most desperate and vulnerable of times. They call you to take care of them, usually when they can't take care of themselves.

How do we ensure that the people we hire, or vote to accept into membership, will live up to the standards and expectations of being a public safety professional? You do backgrounds checks, right? (At least you should be doing them!) Everyone who applies to your organization wouldn't apply if they weren't fine upstanding folks, right? Don't kid yourself! We generally get good people through our doors, but our job is to make sure they become great people. Of course, we're all human; no one is a perfect little angel without any baggage. Regardless, we still have a solemn responsibility to build and maintain that public trust. This is easier said than done when you're struggling just to get fire trucks and ambulances out the door. I get it-and you need to get it, too.

I don't claim to have all the answers-never have, likely never will; however, my upbringing as a preacher's kid (a preacher who was also a World War II veteran) is the basis for who I am today and how I conduct myself.

Building and maintaining trust

First, let's start with agreeing that the public generally trusts the fire and EMS departments in their respective communities. We should also agree that it is incumbent upon each of us to build and maintainthat trust.

To build that trust, your department needs to do all the right things for the right reasons. I'll focus on values that will help you build the trust and intuitively instill confidence and camaraderie in your force. Value statements take different forms-paragraphs, bulleted sentences, catchy phrases, etc. In the finest traditions of the fire service, I'll use a catchy acronym: THE PROMISE. The Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department (PGFD) adopted THE PROMISE as our value statement in 2011.

Starting strong

Let's start with "THE": Trust, Honor and Ethics. These are the core values, above all others, that are necessary to ensure that you can build and maintain the public's trust. Let's look closer at the definitions of these three values, courtesy of Merriam-Webster.

Trust: the "belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc." Need I say more? The belief that you and your people are reliable, good, honest and effective. It's important to recognize that one "ah crap" moment can erase 10 years of "atta-a-boys," and one bad apple amongst the troops can ruin an image. It is incumbent upon the leaders of an organization to minimize those instances and either convert those folks or weed them out.

Honor: "faithfulness to high moral standards." This is not only about honoring a solemn oath, but also about honoring those who came before us. We should come prepared every time, every day to honor our responsibilities, our mission, ourselves and our performance.

Ethics: "the code of good conduct for an individual or group." Defining ethics is sometimes about defining a nebulous, which I identify as that area between what's seen as clearly right or clearly wrong. A look at Merriam-Webster also gives some focus by providing synonyms, including "morality, morals, norms, principles, standards" as well as related words, including "customs, dictates, etiquette, manners, mores, values; beliefs, dogma, faith, tenets."


Capturing the essence and urgency of trust, honor and ethics will be critical to maintaining your public's trust. Instilling the words is important, but practicing the values and beliefs both on and off-duty is critical to both your success and that of your company.


Let's now turn to the second half of the acronym, PROMISE:

  • Professionalism
  • Responsiveness
  • Outreaching
  • Mentorship
  • Inspiration
  • Safety-minded
  • Energetically enthusiastic
Professionalism: Professionalism is not a paycheck, a patch or a T-shirt. Professionalism is a way of presentation and a way of doing business, paid or volunteer.

Responsiveness: This speaks to our ability to answer the call, whatever it may be. This isn't just the emergencies, it's also the service calls, community risk-reduction activities (smoke alarms, slip/trip/fall avo... [ more ]



The Incredible Talents of DCFA Member Chris R. Yocum

Saturday, August 29, 2015  I have attached scanned copies of some of Chris R. Yocum's work.

This work took a lot of time & dedication to produce.

His work has been used at Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center & The Delaware County 911 Center for tabletop exercises.

Click on the Title Line to download & view his work in 2 PDF documents.

Or click on the 2  PDF files below.

You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to review these files.

Thanks you Chris!

Chris Yocum 1.pdf chris yocum.pdf



Make Bells Ring Nationwide

Tuesday, August 25, 2015  Make Bells Ring Nationwide Sound off in support of fallen firefighters in your community.
Sign-up online, find resourses and share your tribute. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is asking communties, fire service organizations, and religious organizations to help us honor our fallen firefighters by participating in Bells Across America for Fallen Firefighters. A moment of remembrance can occur at any time during the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend, October 3 & 4. Fire department representatives are encouraged to work with their clergy and community leaders to develop an appropriate tribute. Be a Part of this National Remembrance Nearly 500 organizations have participated in Bells Across America for Fallen Firefighters since the program began. Our goal is to have at least 5 remembrance events in each state during the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. Help us make bells ring from coast to coast in tribute to all fallen firefighters! Learn More Ways to Honor Fallen Firefighters




Sunday, August 2, 2015  FREE E.M.T. TRAINING FOR VETERANS
Good afternoon, 

PathWaysPA is currently enrolling Veterans in a FREE, high quality Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course. Please see the attached flyer and post and share with any Veteran you think may be interested in this training. 





TO ENROLL ACT NOW – CALL HEROESPATH – (610) 543-5022 OR EMAIL AT heroespath@pathwayspa.org 

Thank you for posting and sharing and have a great day. 


Jamie McCloskey 
PathWaysPA, Inc/HeroesPath Program 
310 Amosland Road, Holmes, PA 19043 
P: 610-543-5022 (ext. 228) 
F: 610-543-1649 

 2015 EMT Flyer No Dates Just Delco.pdf





Sunday, July 19, 2015  2015  VFIS RESOURCE CATALOG


Very good information Please check it out.



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