Request to support Philadelphia EMS

Sunday, August 2, 2015  Subject: Request to support Philadelphia EMS

Date: July 31, 2015 at 10:30:32 PM EDT

Reply-To: "Jay Taylor"

At the request of, and in cooperation with, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) is sending out a resource request from the City of Philadelphia to each EMS agency Chief / Director.

This request asks you and/or your agency, if in possession of this capability, would be willing to commit the following resources to support Philadelphia EMS during the September Papal visit:

50 EMS Capable Gators able to transport patients

* 38 ALS capable two person teams (equip: cardiac monitor/defibrillator, first aid bag w/ ALS meds, backboard with immobilization devices, oxygen bottle w/ delivery equip, and stair chair device).
* 12 BLS capable two person teams (equip: AED, first aid bag w/ BLS meds and equip, backboard with immobilization devices, oxygen bottle w/ delivery equip, and stair chair device).

200 Trained EMS Bicycle Teams

* 150 ALS Teams (2 person teams)
* 50 BLS Teams (2 person teams)

NOTE: Any commitment by an EMS agency or any person should be considered voluntary and unpaid. Should funding later become available, there MAY BE some ability to request reimbursement.

The following is a list of terms:

* All deployed personnel must be fully credentialed for accountability prior to selection
* Projected deployment or about 24 September 2015
* Demobilization on or about 28 September 2015
* 24 hour operations
* 12 hour operational periods

Deployed resources will be given directions for:

* Date and time to deploy
* Location to the appropriate staging area for check-in and mission assignments

All EMS Agencies will fall under the command and control of the City of Philadelphia Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services

* All deployed resources will remain in Philadelphia region for the duration of the event.
* The City of Philadelphia will provide accommodation at a base camp operation
* It is anticipated these will be located in school building
* Sleeping quarters will be in a gymnasium on cots
* Showers will be made available
* City of Philadelphia will provide meals at the base camps. It is unlikely that those requiring special dietary needs will be satisfactorily accommodated.

Essential each resource needing fuel brings a credit card or other appropriated means to pay for fuel.

Because of the unknown nature for exact locations where any one asset may be assigned, access to stores may be limited and crews should plan for any comfort items or supplemental food they would desire while on duty as well as down time at the base camp.

This deployment is considered a National Special Security Event (NSSE). This means that the Secret Service is in charge of security. While in the City of Philadelphia, movement will be greatly restricted in and around the venue for this event, not only by physical barricades, but also boundaries where individuals must be properly credentialed to get past. It will be critical that every person deployed to this event adhere to instruction and strictly maintain operational security. EMS crew members will be credentialed and may be required to submit personal and background information to law enforcement agencies as soon as the crew members are identified by their agency.

For the purpose of operational security, we need to have the name of the EMS Agencies and the names of each provider who would be tasked to deploy on this assignment. If your agency is interested in participating in this event, please notify Jay Taylor, EMS Program Manager, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, via email at
If your agency is willing to participate, you must provide the names of the EMS providers who will staff the resource to Jay Taylor no later than August 14, 2015 to allow adequate time for security credentialing.

Thank you for you interested in this unique opportunity.

Message sent via CentreLearn by Jay Taylor




Sunday, August 2, 2015  FREE E.M.T. TRAINING FOR VETERANS
Good afternoon, 

PathWaysPA is currently enrolling Veterans in a FREE, high quality Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course. Please see the attached flyer and post and share with any Veteran you think may be interested in this training. 





TO ENROLL ACT NOW – CALL HEROESPATH – (610) 543-5022 OR EMAIL AT heroespath@pathwayspa.org 

Thank you for posting and sharing and have a great day. 


Jamie McCloskey 
PathWaysPA, Inc/HeroesPath Program 
310 Amosland Road, Holmes, PA 19043 
P: 610-543-5022 (ext. 228) 
F: 610-543-1649 

 2015 EMT Flyer No Dates Just Delco.pdf





Sunday, July 19, 2015  2015  VFIS RESOURCE CATALOG


Very good information Please check it out.



Next Quarterly Business Dinner Meeting July 27th, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015  Hi Everyone, Our next Quarterly Business / Dinner meeting will be held on July 27th, 2015. The location will be the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center 1600 Calcon Hook Road, Sharon Hill, Pa. starting at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there.



A Delco Legend Charles B. Mullen Obituary

Sunday, May 31, 2015  Charles B. Mullin, 88, a longtime resident of Secane, died at home on May 28, 2015. Mr. Mullin was born in Philadelphia to the late Charles and Alice (nee Stott) Mullin. He served in the Navy as Seamen 2nd Class during World War II. Mr. Mullin was self-employed and owner of Charles B. Mullin Lettering. He was widely known throughout the tri-state area for gold leaf lettering of fire equipment. Mr. Mullin was a paid Assistant Chief for Primos-Secane and Westbrook Park, past president and ladder captain for Cardington Stonehurst Fire Co., as well as a member of the 8th District Board of Director of County Firefighters Association. He enjoyed traveling. He was predeceased by his wife of 37 years, Evalyn L. (nee Palmer) Mullin. He is survived by his sister, Lois A. Cook, two nieces and many friends. Visitation: Tuesday, 7 p.m. at Williams Lombardo Funeral Home, 33 W. Baltimore Ave., Clifton Heights, PA 19018. Memorial Service: Tuesday, 8 p.m. at Williams Lombardo Funeral Home. Burial: Private Condolences: www.williamslombardofuneralhome.com Published in Daily Times on May 31, 2015



Hero Bowl 5/28/2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015  Hero Bowl was held at Cardinal O'Hara High School on May 28, 2015.



A new recruiting and retention website for Pennsylvania is now live

Monday, April 20, 2015  The Firemen's Association of the State of Pennsylvania provides the content of this website for fire and EMS agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assist in the recruitment and retention of members.


The site includes a series of downloadable products, several self guided training programs, as well as links to other valuable sites that can assist you in your recruitment and retention efforts.


This effort is the result of a strategic initiative and resulting SAFER Grant to provide methods of training and materials to enhance the recruitment and retention of fire and EMS personnel in Pennsylvania.

Special thanks to FireCompanies.com for hosting our site.






A Must Read: Firefighter Cancer Study NIOSH (The Secret List)

Sunday, February 22, 2015  A Must Read: Firefighter Cancer Study NIOSH (The Secret List) Thursday, February 19, 2015   All,Please take time to review this. It's the much awaited NIOSH paper on the Chicago-Philadelphia-San Francisco FD's 1950-2009 Firefighter Cancer Study that was released yesterday:




==Other NIOSH Firefighter Cancer Resources:


==Firefighter Cancer Support Network: 


Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 2-19-2015-0900




Wade Dump Fire Feb 2nd 1978

Monday, February 2, 2015 

To the DelcoTimes: Letter to the editor: Regarding the Wade Dump Fire

Feb. 2, 1978 was a good day.

A new fire station was opening at Third and Tilghman streets in Chester. The fire department and city had changing needs the volunteer staff could no longer provide.

This fire station offered hope to local residents who had witnessed too much loss of life and property destruction over some difficult years. This fire station represented security, protection and gave evidence of a struggling city’s concern for its citizens.

It was a good day because some great men then had a place where they could plant the seed of a highly efficient fire department. “Moose” McLaughlin, Marv Cherry, Jimmy McDonald remain names to be revered in the fire service 37 years later for their mentoring and leadership. It is as if they, along with many, many others, continue to stand guard at the old Wade site today.

Feb. 2, 1978 was a tragic day.

From the new fire station at Third and Tilghman, Bob Friend and others could see the smoke rising from Front and Flower. This day that smoke would not be from a pile of tires on fire at the Eastern Rubber site (a common occurrence); it would be from the chemicals surreptitiously stored by men and industries whose concern for the community was surrendered to personal gain. Over 3 million gallons of toxic chemicals burned, contaminated, and permeated the grounds of Front and Flower.

Over 250 fire, police, and EMS personnel responded, never giving a second thought to the peril they would soon face. Those thoughts had already been considered for each of them. No one enters this business without those considerations. Unequivocally, each responder, then and now, wants to protect the community and prevent property loss and harm to the citizens. They simply do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. They are even willing to take risks while doing their job.

Feb. 2, 1978 was a tragic day for many families.

This would be the start of a complex set of circumstances that would rob joy, shared memories, finances, health, and life. Within the next two years, responders would begin to fall ill to various cancers and blood disorders at an alarming rate. Survivors and families would not just have to battle for their physical health. They would soon find the battle against government agencies, the courts, and the companies who dumped at the site to be more formidable then they ever could imagine. Firefighters and police would feel abandoned by the city they protected. Medics would sense abandonment by the medical center they represented and the city they served. Citizens would lose heroes who they had counted on to partner with them in an effort to help build a safe community.

Feb. 2, 1978 is a good day to remember.

The heroes we lost continue to patrol and protect. You can see them at the memorial site at Front and Flower. Oh, there is not a physical memorial. Sadly, that never happened. But maybe the greatest memorial is the green grass growing on the site is a result of the new laws that enforce a clean environment. It is in the soccer stadium that thrives in a land given up for waste. It is in the passing fire truck with equipment suitable for hazardous chemicals and staffed by personnel trained to handle toxic fires. These heroes are in the training for our medics and hospital emergency nurses who have learned to not only efficiently decontaminate and treat a patient, but to protect their own lives in the process.

So, as you head to PPL Park, or drive over the Commodore Barry Bridge, pass by on I-95, or even spend a little time drowning a worm in the Delaware River, give a shout out to Marv, Moose, and Jimmy. They are there along with many, many others. They gave it up for you. They gave it up for us.


Smyrna, DE




Sunday, February 1, 2015  Hey,

If you needed a reason to understand the impact of FIREFIGHTER CANCER, try this story out of Syracuse NY ---where this District Fire Chief got his dying wish...

He passed away last night. 

RIP Chief Thomas Erwin.


So....today and each Sunday is:




-Do it before you forget.

-Do it every Sunday.

-Do it to honor Chief Erwin.

-Do it to honor ALL the THOUSANDS of FIREFIGHTERS who are fighting cancer.

-Do it to honor the many thousands who fought their best.

-Do it to minimize YOUR RISK of FIREFIGHTER cancer.

-Do it before the game tonight.




RIP Chief.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.

Don't Breathe That Sh!t.

Don't "Wear" That Sh!t.


The Secret List 2-1-2015-0900 hrs




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