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Drasher Family Tragedy 12/03/2022

613 Sharon Avenue Sharon Hill, Pa

Last night, 12/3/2022, our home at 613 Sharon Ave in Sharon Hill was set on fire by an evil psychopath, and my little sister, Olivia Drasher, who is disabled and has cerebral palsy, was killed. She was only 20 years old. Her nurse, Ms. Sharon, was burned and inhaled smoke while trying to save Olivia. My mother was able to save Raquelle Drasher, Olivia’s twin sister. But my baby sister Olivia did not make it out. My family has lost everything. This man was harassing me where I work at the post office, because I did not want to be with him anymore. He was abusive and I wanted to get away from him. I went to work and filed a complaint with the Postal Police. I also filed charges against him in Darby. Then he set our house on fire while my family was in their beds. We are working with the police to get justice, but we are now homeless. Due to Olivia’s medical condition, we were not able to obtain life insurance for her yet. But we never thought we would need it anytime soon because she was only 20 years old.  My mother, Drena Drasher, is a veteran of the US ARMY, and a Philadelphia Police Officer in the 1st District. She worked so hard to provide for her family and build her dream house all for it to be burned away by a demonic human. My family and I are devastated by the loss of our Olivia and we need all your thoughts and prayers. The money for this GoFundMe will be used to pay for Olivia’s funeral services and burial, and also to helping us find a new home. We don’t have anything but the clothes on our backs. Any amount that anyone can contribute is greatly appreciated. Also if anyone can donate any clothes or toiletries that would greatly be appreciated as well. Everything we have got destroyed in the fire. Please keep my family in your prayers, our hearts are completely broken

Amira Rogers
Sharon Hill, PA

Words of support (24)

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  • Javon Gray
    $2022 hrs
    Hey Amira I’m sorry that this happened, I pray that you guys can get a new home quickly and heal from this. I hope you guys get the justice you truly deserve! I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers!
  • Kelly & Drew McKenna
    $10022 hrs
    I am beyond devastated for you and your family, Amira. My heart goes out to all of you during this incredibly difficult time.
  • Dawn & Jarreau Thomas
    $5023 hrs
  • Chuck Bradford
    $251 d
    Thoughts and Prayers to the family in this tough time.
  • Andre Dunkley
    $1001 d
    May the the Lord Jesus Christ provide for your family and surrounded you all with all the love and support through this difficult time.
  • James Smith
    $251 d
    This is tragic. I’m truly sorry that you’ve had to endure such a horrible experience. Sending prayers & Love
  • Alicia Bryant
    $501 d
    Will keep the family in my prayers.
  • Brandi Johnson
    $251 d
    Sending prayers to you and your family
  • Joanne Owens
    $201 d
    May this holiday season bring you peace.
  • Rachael Barr
    $252 d
    So sorry for your loss. Wishing the best.